William Whalley 1763





In the name of God Amen This is my last will and testament maid this 24th day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and fifty eight by me William Whalley of Coppull in the County of Lancastar, I give and bequath to my wife Ellen Whalley the whole estate and stock as long as she livs, but if the said Ellin Whalley my wife should chance to marry She must be cut of with one
Guinea, andd Thomas Whalley my son taks possion on the said estate and all theirunto belonging, paying my daughter Betty Kerkham the sum of fifteen pounds of lawful money of Great Britain, joining to the conveniances and what she has had in her marrig state, and when the said Thomas Whalley my son entrs on the said estate he must pay to my daughter Ann Whalley the sum of Thirty pounds of lawful money of Great Britain at her own disposing, but if my son Thomas Whalley should chance to die without ear or earis it goes to be devided betwixt my doughters Betty Kerkham and ann Whalley as long as she lives livs as witness my hand before these presents

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