William Taylor's Petition




William Taylor petitions the justices of the peace to release him from the office of Constable of Coppull and to make William Felton take up the role. It also shows that the office was rotated by houserow, and the owner, rather than the tenant, was given the office.

To the right Worss. His Majts. Justices of peace & quorm. Att their sessions of peace houlden att Wygan the thirteenth day of October [illeg] Caroli [illeh] Anglie &c xiiijto [illeg] 1662

 The humble petition of Thomas Taylior sonne of William Tailiour of Langtee husb[andmen] sheweth.

 That whereas your petitioner did serve the office of constable within the township of Coppull the yeare last past for a smale cottage which he houldeth withinthe said township of Coppull aforesaid which yeare ender att Michaelmas last past and nowe by the custome of the said township it ought to come to bee executed by William Felton by houserow who denieth to accept and undertake the said office and to take his oath for the execucion thereof.

 Maye it therefore please your good worshps that the said William Felton may by order of this courte be compelled to take upon him the execucion of the said office, and that your petr. May bee discharged thereof hee having already served the said office one whole yeare and upwards. And yor petr shall dayly pray for yor worshps.

 To elect att [illeg] dayes