William Prescott 1605





In dei nomine amen the twenty eighth day of July in the year of our lord god according to the account of the church of England 1605 I William Prescott of Coppull in the county of Lancaster yeoman being of perfect memory and of good and perfect health I thank god for the same yet considering the certainty of death to every man and the uncertain hour thereof do now in my best memory and health publish and make my last will and testament as hereafter ensueth.  Principally therefore I commend my soul into the hands of almighty god my only creator redeemer and sanctifier and my body to be buried at my parish church of Standish.  And for such goods as god hath lent me I do dispose of them as hereafter is mentioned first my mind and will is that my debts be paid of all my whole goods and the rest to be divided into three equal parts whereof one part thereof to be unto Maude my wife the second part thereof to Thomas Geoffrey Alexander Edward and Richard Prescott my sons, and the third part to be unto myself.  Item I give of my part unto Thomas Prescott my son all ploughs Wayne's [illeg] wheels Harrrowes and all furniture belonging unto husbandry.  Item I give and bequeath unto William Prescott Richard Fairclough and Dorothy Prescott my grandchildren to every one of them three shillings for pence apiece to buy every one of them a lamb.  Item I give all the rest of my god children six pence apiece.  And I the said William Prescott do hereby signify unto all men that my two daughters I have preferred in marriage giving unto either of them a good portion of money and [illeg] for their child's part of goods due unto either of them after my decease yet notwithstanding I do give and bequeath unto Elizabeth Philip my daughter one cow as shall be appointed and set forth by my executors here after named.  Item I give and bequeath unto Johanne Fairclough my daughter one Feather bed one bolster one coverlet one blanket and one pair of sheets as shall be appointed and set forth by my said executors hereafter to be named.  Item all the rest of my part of goods unbequeathed after my funeral discharged I give the sum fully wholly and entirely unto Richard Prescott my son.  And I do constitute ordaine and make the said Thomas Prescott and Richard Prescott my sons my lawful executors to execute and perform this my last will and testament charging them hereby as they will answer [?] god at the last day of judgement that they execute this will duly and also that day deale [?] well with my wife.  In witness whereof I the said William Prescott have here and two port my hand in presence of Robert Weld.