William Millner 1675



To the worps Sir Peter Brook knight Sir Roger Bradshaugh knight & to the rest of his Maties Justices of peace att the sessions att Wiggan

The humble petition of William Millner of Coppull labourer sheweth

That whereas the said petitioner hath all his life time been carefull and labourious to maintain his family by his own industry not in any sort burdening the town he lived in is now grown aged and wanteth imployment in work which hath caused himself and family to wander from their own habitation to seek relieffe but being by reason fo the strict execution of the late order for restraining of poor people from wandring, confined to the limits of Coppull, & hitherto noe provision made for keeping the said petitioner in work, he his wife & three very small children, are thereby brouunt, your are thereby brought to extream want and misery and the overseers of the poor commiserating their deplorable state, having designed them some reliefe, is by some of the inhabitants, hindred from succouring the poor petitioner and disconsolate family.

Therefore the poor petitioner humbly implores yor worshipps order for providing whereby ht may be kept imployed in labout which as his years and ability will permit he will be willing to undergoe & allsoe that some further reliefe may be had, for maintenance of his poor family, that they may not be constrained to transgresse against the said order which if yor worships will please to graunt , your said petitioner will (as in duty bound) ever pray yor worships life long health and happinesse.



QSP 440/9 (1675)