William Millner 1662




 For as much as William Millner his wife & foure children was this day brought before us and complaint made that they weare destitute of an habitacion & hath not had any settlement in any place; but that hee was borne in the townshippe of Coppull; and hereupon in the pursuance of a late Act of Parliament ought to be settled there [illeg] therefore to will and require you forthwith upon receipte hereof that you immediately upon sight hereof  provide the said William Milner his wife and children sufficient house roome within your said towne [illeg] paying truly for the same or shew cause next sessions see you fail not herein; Given under our hands at Eccleston the 3rd of October Anno Dmni 1662

 To the overseers of the poore within Coppull these              

John Molyneux                                                                                      

Will Farington

H [?] Banaster


 QSP 231/5