William Miller 1701




To the right wor[shipfu]ll his ma[jes]ties justices of the peace and quorum att this present sessions assembled 

The humble peticion of Wm Miller of Copull in the county of Lancaster labourer

 Sheweth that your poore peticioner is ninety five yeares of age having a wife & twoe smale children both under the age of twelve yeares and by reason of his poverty had a little tyme agoe obtained an order from tyour worshipps or some of you to receive from the overseers of the poore of Coppull aforesaid the weekely allowance of one shilling a weeke which allowance has not beene paid to your peticioner never since midsomer last by reason whereof your peticioner & his wife and family is likely to famish unlesse timely relieved by your worshipps, And your peticioner further sheweth that hee on Friday last in the township of Winstanley was seised with a paulsey having the use of his right side taken from him and soe now is become altogether unable to doe any thing towards manteyning himself & family

 Therefore hee humbly prays your worshipps to take his miserable condicion into consideracion and not only to order him the said weekly allowance ever since midsomer last to bee paid but alsoe such an additional weekly allowance since Friday last and to continue the same during your worshipps pleasure. And your poore peticioner as in duty bound will ever pray

 To pay the arrears of iv d per week & cont it till further order

 [LRO QSP 856/20 1701]