William Fowler 1746





In the name of God Amen I William Fowler of Coppull in the County of Lancaster being weak of body but of perfect and sound memoery do make this my will and testament in manner following and first I order and appoint my depts if any funerall expences and probat of this my will with all +++++ out charges theirunto to be paid and discharged out of my effects and then it is my will and minde that my ffarme which I had under Mr Crook and in which I have yet a term of ten years unexpired shall be holden by my wife and children which are now unmarried and shall be by them manidged to the best advaintedge according to the covenants entered into by me with the said Mr Crook and that my stock of goods and chattles both horses beass husbandrey geires and houshould goods shall be keept togather dureing the said term of ten years and then to be devided equaly share and share alike amongst my wife and all my children excepting my daughter Elizabeth now wife of Thomas Gearman to whom I have alredy given ten pounds which shall be accounted to her as in part of her share of my aforesaid effects and it is my minde that if any of my children should hapn to dye unmarried before the end of the said ten years that his or her share so dyeing shall go equall amongst such of my children as then shall be liveing and if any of my children shall be married and die before the end of the said ten years leaving child or children that then and in such case such childe or children shall be intitled to and have their parents share of such of my childrens part as shall die unmarried and lastley I nomineat order and appoint George ffowler and William Fowler my two sons to be executors of this my will hopeing they will se the same performed and se my yonger children well and desantly provided for and brought up dureing the aforesaid ten years and I wod imediatley after my  decease have an inventorey and a moderat valuation  taken of my goods cattle and chattles by three sufficient neighbours and that dureing the said term of ten years if my wife or any of my children should happn to differ relating this my will or be uneasey in the manegment of any thing relating hereto then I wod have them that are herein named my executors to take three sufficient discreet neighbours and with them consult and settle the same, so revoaking all other will or wills heretofore by me made I hereunto set my hand and seal in presents of the wittnesses hereunto this nineteenth day of ffebruarey In the year pf our Lord one thousand seven hundred forty and ffive

Sealed signed published
and declared by the said
William ffowler for and as
his last will and testament
In the presents of us who have
hereunto set and subscribed
our names as witnesses to
attest the same in his sight
and presence
Joseph Haydoch WW his leters
Ralph Taylor William Fowler
John Aspinal