Thomas Steenson 1688




To the right wor[shi]pp[fu]ll his majestyes justices of the peace at the generall quarter sessions held at Ormskirk the sixteenth day of July rrs Jac sedi nunc Ang et quarto

 The humble peticion of Thomas Steenson of Coppull in the county of Lancr Labourer sheweth

 That the peticioner (haveinge a wife & fower small children and noe certaine place of aboad or settlem[en]t but daily threatned and disquieted in the same insomuch that hee is incapacitated to follow his worke as formerly and maintain his family) humbly desireth your good wor[shi]pps to consider and to order him such settlem[en]t that hee may follow his labour and thereby maintaine his family without beinge in any wise burthensome to the township wherein hee shall inhabite

 And your poore peticioner shall ever pray

 To goe to wrightington till next [illeg phrase]

 [LRO QSP 653/13 1688]