Thomas Bentham 1753





In the name of God amen. I Thomas Bentham of Coppull in the county of Lancaster do make this my last will and testament in the manner following whereas a marriage deed betwixt me and my daughter and Matthew Bibby and Seth Bibby son of the said Matthew was made in consideration thereof did settle upon my daughter Ellen all my lands of inheritance lying and being in Coppull aforesaid to her and her lawful issue for ever.  And since then in the interim I married Catherine my now wife and for the advantage of my said son in law and Ellen my daughter and the benefit of my said wife it is my desire that my said son and daughter shall and will permit and allow Catherine my said wife to live and enjoy the land in Coppull aforesaid during her chast widowhood and in lieu and satisfaction thereof I give and devise all my term and interest in the messuage and tenement in Shevington which I hold by lease under esquire Hesketh of Rufford unto my said son and daughter.  But in case my said wife by desirous to leave my said land and not occupy the same then my will and mind is and I hereby charge my said tenement in Shevington aforesaid with the yearly annuity or sum of five pounds to be paid to my said wife by two equal payments whilst she keep as her my widow but if she happened to marry then it is my will that my said tenement in Shevingon aforesaid shall be charged only with the sum of fiftyshillings a year to be paid her during her life and if it be my said wife's mind to live and occupy the land aforesaid I give to her three of my milk cows to use together with the use of my household goods during her abode and continuance upon the land aforesaid she not plowing in the premises above a day work in any one year and after her decease I give all the aforesaid goods chattels together with all my other personal estate of what nature or kind soever to my said daughter Ellen and I do hereby nominate and appoint Catherine my said wife and my son in law Seth Bibby executors of this my last will and testament.  In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this thitrieth day of December in the year of our lord one thousand seven hundred and forty nine.

 Thomas Bentham his mark

 Sealed signed published and declared by the said Thomas Bentham to be his last will and testament in the sight and presence of us who have subscribed our names in his sight and presence to attest the same

 Ellen Winstanley

Charles Wright

Richard sergeant


On October 12, 1753 the within named executor and executorix have taken the usual oath before me Thomas Ellison surrogate

Probat issued 15 October 1753