Seth Taylor 1615





In the name of god Amen  the Raigne of our sovraigne  France and Ireland &c the  Anno domini 1615 I Seath Taylor  of Lancaster husbandman being  and pfect remembrance  doe make this my last will and  forme followinge First and principal lie I bequeath my soule into the hands of Almightie god my creator and Redeemer hopinge assuredly that by and throughe the merittes of Christe Jesus his death and passion to inherit everlasting life amongst all the rest of his electe and chosen servantes and my do dye I bequeath to christian buriall at Standish amongst the rest of my frendes, And for those temporall goodes which yt hath pleased god to bestowe upon me, I bequeath them as foloweth First I give and bequeath unto Margaret Finch daughter of James Finch of Copple whom I am godfather unto one blacke heiffer with shorte hornes Item I give unto Lawrence Finch one other of the children of the said James Finch one Iron chimly with all the hier that is oweing for yt by the said James which said chimly is now in the custodie of the said James Item I give and bequeath unto all the children of Alexander Jarman of Copple aforesaid xiijs iijd equally to be devided amongst them Item I give and bequeath unto Margaret Lawrenson uxor Ja~s Lawrenson xxs Item I give and bequeath unto Oliver Taylor my brother xxs and a plowe with the Irons ---- and all thinges belonginge thereto and alsoe my best suite of apparell Item I give and bequeath unto Lawrence Vause my brother in lawe my best suite of apparell next unto those which are given unto my brother Oliver with a paire of breeches which are dressed and yet unmade Item I give and bequeath ------ one othere of my brother in lawes xxs which is in the hand of my father in lawe Aline erasedn An unto Richard Vause and An peece shich is alsoe in the handes of my An in 1awes iijs iijd which shall be paid by my An in lawe oute of the money which hee oweth unto An I give unto John Grimshawe son of Roger Grimshawe of Copple xijd Item to Robert Baron the son of Robert Baron whom I am godfather unto xijd Item unto Elizabeth Worsley daughter of James Worsley which I am godfather unto xijd Item unto Elizabeth Grimshawe daughter of Robert Grimshawe xijd Item unto Seath Forster the sone of John Forster which I am godfather unto ijs Item I give unto Elline Forster a paire of stockinges Item I give and bequeath unto Frances Worthington one little ewe lambe Item I give and bequeath unto Jane Taylor my wiefe after that my legacies funerall expences with probacion being discharged all my goodes and cattells whatsoever to be and remaine to her sole use and behoofe for ever Item I doe hereby constitute ordaine and make Oliver Taylor my brother and Jane Taylor my said wiefe my lawful executors to see this my last will an testament truely executed as my trust is in them before all others Item I give and bequeath unto Alice Finch my sister and Thomas Finch her son vijs viijd to be equally devided between them Debtes oweing unto me which I have special ties for Imprimis owing by Peter Naylor of Copple iiijli iijs iiijd due at the xxth of July next Item owing by Richard Vause my father in law vjli These being witness hereof Ralph Bailey Thomas Nightgaile Frances Worthington Richard Vause William Worthington.