Roger Standanought 1650




To the Right Worfull the Justices of the peace and quorum att ye¨ sessions att Wigan there (?) presente

The humble petition of Roger Standanought of Copple further¨ sheweth

That where as yor petisioner was borne in Copple aforesaide with¨ in the pishe of Standish, And being aged threescore & seaven yeares or there aboutes, And having lived in the said towne & pishe ffor the most pte all the said tyme, and espetially ffor these ten yeares laste past, and have followed dilligently & paynfully my vocation & calling of a while wright & have thereby¨ mantayned my selfe, my wiffe & seaven children ffrom beging, And nowe through my Age I am growne dime of sight soe that I cannot follow my trade of a while wright as aforesaid, but am growne into extreme povertie & miserie & like for to ffamish ffor want of victualls & ffoode except some [illeg] course bee taken therein,

Maye itt therefoore please yor good worshipts to take my poore¨ estate and condition, in to yor pyous and religious¨ considerations, & appoynte some course or ordore howe yor poore petisioner may bee relieved from ffamishing soe shall I, my wiffe and children bee ever bound to praye ffor you and yors &ct/ And these psons whose names are subscribed can certifye that this my petision is true,/ and that one of my said children god hath not given him witt, nor reason, to goe ffrom one neighbours house to another;/

[illeg] overseers
Lorance Nighall being the ovrseer of poor as here name witness
Willm Taylor
Hugh Pilkington
Richard Pilkington
Gxxxx Taylor
Richard Kindley
Alexsander Slater
Edward Chisnall
John Slater
Thomas Taylor
Robart Ffoster
Edward Heskine
John Haworth
Alexsander Garman
James Bibby
Thomas Naylior
Willm lalond (?)

(QSP 27/10 - 1650)