Richard German 1698




To the wor[shipfu]ll his maj[estie]s justices of the peace & quorum at Wigan sessions

The humble peticion of the inhabitants of the township of Coppull

Sheweth that whereas Richard German constable of Coppull aforesaid refuseth to make his accounts to the inhabitants of the said towns[illeg] before the sessions although he hath been required by them to doe the same and as we are informed is designed to be hired and already hired to serve the said office by William Cooper of Coppull Hall whose turn it is to be constable begg that the said Richard German may not be continued constable but that the said William Cooper may either serve the same himself or els hire such sufficient person as may give the inhabitants of the said towns[hi]pp content and your peticioners will ever pray &c

Richard Booth had order from Mrs Crooke to putt her name

Mary Crook


John Heskin his mark

John Elinthrop

John Slater

John Abbott his mark

Robert Chrichlow his mark

William Chrichlow

Will Lowe his mark

James Chrichlow

Richard Fisher

Oliver Taylior

Roger Rigby his mark

Daniel Chissenhall

Edw Chisnall

Richard Worthington

Wm Haydock

Jon Haydock

Richd Crooke

Ralph Low

Richard Pilkington

Brien Chissenhall

John Baron his mark

Will Taylor

Keskin Fell

William Osman

[LRO QSP 819/12 1698]