Richard Bullough 1625




In the name of god Amen the twoe and twentith daie of August in the yeare of the Raigne of our sovraigne lorde Charles by..... Kinge of Englande Scotlande france and Irelande defender of the faith &c Ao Dmi 1625/ I Richard Bullough of Coppull in the Countie of Lancaster...... weake and sicke in bodye but of good and pfect memory I prayse Almightie god therefore, doe hereby constitute ordaine and make this my last will and maner and forme followinge ffirst and principallie, I comende my soule unto Almightie god, my creator redeemer and sanctifier hoping ....... by the merits of Jesus Christ my savior to Inherite evrlastinge lyffe, in the glorious kingdome of heaven; And my bodye I comite to Christian burial at my pishe church of Standishe there to lye in the center of the earth untillthe daie of the Resurrection of all mankynde, att wch tyme I hope to Rise againe to Immortalitie, and then to Raigne wth my savior Christ Jesus for evrmore; And for those temporall goods wch god of his rich mercy hath bestowed one mee. I give and bequeath them as followeth, ffirst my will and mynde is, that all my said goods cattelle and chattells shall bee devyded into twoe equall pts, the one pte or halfe of my said goods and chattells I geve and bequeth unto Anne my wyfe; And oute of the other pte or halfe, I give and bequeth unto Anthony Worthington, John Worthington, Mathew Worthington, Lawrence Worthington, Agnes Worthington & Elizbeth Worthington, Children of Thomas Worthington of Coppull aforesaide, the wch I am uncle unto, six pounds of lawfull money of Englande to be equallye devyded amongst them six. Itm I geve and bequeth unto Agnes the wiffe of Robert Dawsone and to Elizabeth Bullough my twoe sisters ffortie shillings to bee equallie devyded betweene them; Itm I give unto Alice ffrith, and to Richarde Haworth wch I am godfather unto; six shillings eight pence to bee equallie devyded betweene them; All the rest of my said pte or the other moytie of my said goods not given to my said wiffe, over and besydes my said legacies and funnerall expencs, I give and bequeth unto the said Anne my wiffe; Itm I doe hereby constitute ordaine and make the said Anne my wiffe my sole true and lawfull executrix of this my said last will and testamt hopinge shee will truelye execute the same as my trust is in her; In witness that this is my last will and testamt I have hereunto sett my hand and seale the daie and yeare first above written

Published in the pntes of the marke of Richard
John ffrith Bullough
William Worthington

A true Inventorie of all the goods and cattells of Richard
Bullough late of Coppull in the Countie of Lancaster husbandman
deceassed vewed and prsed by Thomas Worthington Lawrence
Hollins John Dowsyne and John ffrith the xxixth daie of
August Ao Rr Carli anglie &c primo Ao xxx 1625/

Imprimis iij kyne one sterke j mare & all the haye xx li
Itm in lynnen cloth yearne & flax xijli