Richard Baron 1652




To the right wor[shipfu]ll the justices of peace & quorum att the quarter sessions held att Wygan upon mondaie the 11th of October 1652

 The humble peticion of Richard Baron of Coppull sheweth

 That whereas att a Private Sessions holden att Euxton in the county of Lancaster the xixth daie of November last It was ordered that the inhabitants of Coppull should make provision for maintenance of William Tresor als Barom an infant the reputed sonne of William Tresor a souldier & Anne baron deceased. And whereas the inhabitants of Coppull in performance of the said order did desire your peticioner to keepe the said child & did promise to paie to your petitcioner fourty twoe shillings a yeare for the same, twelve shillings whereof they have paid & the rest remaineth unpaied although your peticioner (beinge but a poore laboureinge man) is still forced to provide for & maintaine the said childe,

 Maie it please your good wor[shi]ps that the inhabitants of Coppull (together with the inhabitants of Worthington who still are joined together in all layes & assessments) maie be appointed by your wor[shi]ps order to paie unto your peticioner the foresaid some of fowrty twoe shillings a yeare accordinge to their undertakinge to your peticioner, or els that your wor[shi]ps would be epleased to grant such further order for the providinge a convenient releiffe for the same, as to your good wor[shi]ps discression shall seeme meete & your pet[icione]r will daily praie for your wor[shi]ps happiness

 To shew the order.

 [LRO QSP 71/4]