Ralph Lowe 1668





In the name of God Amen the last day of June in the yeare of our Lord God 1668 I Raph Lowe of Coppull in the county of Lancr yeoman beinge sick in bodye yet of sound and perfect mynde and memory thanks be given to almighty God for the same doe make & ordaine my last will and testament in manner & forme followinge. And first I commit my soull into the hands of almighty God faithfully trustinge through the merits & mediacion of Jesus Christ my saviour to be made a partaker of the kingdome of heaven. And my body I comit to the earth of wch it was made to be buried in my [?] buryeinge place in such decent order as to my exeutors hereafter named shall seeme meete. And for my estate wherever it hath pleased Almighty to bestyow upon me farr above my desserts I do [?] grant ordayne & dispose of in manner and forme followinge And first I will & devise that all my personall estate which I shall have att the tyme of my decease shall be sould and the disposed off by my said extors for the payment & [?] of all my just debts which I shall owe at the tyme of my death & for payment of my funeral expenses & the overplus if any be I give will & disposeto my dear & loveinge wife Jennett her extors assignes. Item I will devise give & grant unto my grandon Raph Lowe son of John Lowe my second sonne & to his extors admonrs & assignes all that little house neere adjoininge to the house where I now dwell together [illeg] with the tanpits belonginge to the same & alsoe that one crofte called the yarne crofte with the appurtenances thereunto belonginge from the tyme of my decease for & dureinge the terme of one hundred yeares [illeg phrased] fully to be compleat and endedAnd after the end & expiracion of the said one hundred yeares then I give & devyse the same to my eldest son Thomas Lowe & his heires forever. Item my severall and [illeg] And I doe hereby devise grant [illeg] disposed unto my said wife Jennett all that house wherein I now inhabit together with all the yards buck[?] foulds orchards gardens houses out houses whatsoever thearto belonginge for and dureinge her ntaurall life. Item my will & minde is And I doe hereby give grant [?] & dispose unto my said wife one halfe & moitie of all the lands & grounds belonginge to the same house & severally occupied or enjoyed to which the same [?]be sett fporth & divided as most convenient may be by my said extors for and after my decease for and dureinge her naturall life without impeachment of wast. Item my will & minde is and I doe hereby give grant will & dispose all the other moitie or one halfe of the lands & grounds belonginge to the same house (together with the former moitie given & grantedtothe said Jennett as aforesaid from & after the decease of the said Jennett) unto Roger Haydock of Coppull in the county aforesaid gent & Thomas Lowe of Duxbury in the said county yeoman upon this trust & confidence that the said Roger Haydock & Thomas Lowe shall yearly & every yeare have hold & enjoy the rents yssues & profits as well of the said moytie last mencioned as alsoe the other moytie when the same shall happen to fall by the death of the said Jennett until & for soe longe tyme as they have thereby raised & gotten forth of the profits of the same the some of twoe hundred pounds for the usese benefits & behoofes of John Lowe Robte Lowe James Lowe William Lowe & Alise Lowe sons & daughters equally to bedivided amongst thm as the same shall be yearly raise & gotton forth of the same. Item I give & bequeath unto Margery my eldest daughter now wife of Thomas Slater of Welsh Whittle in the county aforesaid yeoman the some of twoe shillings & sixpence in full of her childs pte & porcion shee haveinge formerly had sufficient forth of my estate. Item my will[?] & minde is and I doe hereby give graunt will & dispose of my said house & all the lands & grounds aforesaid after the death & decease of the said Jennett & after the said twoe hundred pounds ahall be thereby raised as aforesaid and after the expiracion of the terme of one hundred yeares as aforesd to the said Thomas Lowe my sd eldest sone & his heires for ever. And lastly I doe make appoint constitute & ordayne the said Roger Haydock & Thomas Lowe of Duxbury aforesd extors of this my last will & testament hopeinge & trustinge in them that they will see the same performed And if it happen that any suits & troubles doe arise or be brought by any meanes by the said Thomas Lowe my said son then my will and mynde is that my sd extors shall defend the same forth of the profits of the moyty of the lands & grounds appointed to my said sons & daughters over and above the said twoe hundred pounds [illeg] to be raised as aforesaid. In witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seale & published the same the day & yeare first above written

Raph Lowe his mark

Sealed signed declared published to be the last will & testament of the said Raph Lowe in presence of us

Geo Browne

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