Ralph Lowe 1652




For as much as Thomas Hatton of Standish husbandman hath perconally come before us this day & hath taken his corporall oath that he is affrayd that Raphe Lowe of Coppull in the countiye aforesaid yeoman will maime kill wound beate or doe him some bodylye harme and withal hath prayed security [?] of the peace to bee held or granted against him the said Raphe Lowe. Theise and thereford to will & require you & neverthelesse in the name of the keeper of the liberties of England by authority of Parliament straitly to charge & command you that forthwith upon sight hereof you or some of you apprehend & take the bodye of the above named Raphe Lowe & soe apprehended to bringe him before us or the one of us to ffynd sufficient suerities for his personall appearance att the next generall quarter sessions of the peace to bee houlden att Ormskirk as alsoe in the meane tymw to keep the peace towards all the people of this common wealth & especially towards him the said Thos Hatton. And if hee shall refuse soe to doe that then you or some of you convey or cause to be conveyed him the said Raphe Lowe unto the common gaole att the castle of Lancaster there to remaine until hee shall willinglye doe the same. And soe you certiffiye your doinge in the premises [?] to the Justices att the said sessions and have you there this warrant and herein you maye nott ffayle att your p[e]rills. Given under our hands & seales att Wigan the 16th day of July 1652


[illeg] Hemley [?]


Ri Standish


To the sherriff of the countiye of Lancaster & all mayors bailiffs constables subconstables & all other ministerial sworn officers