Public Houses






The inhabitants of Coppull held a public meeting in 1735 to try to stop their local innkeeper having his rent excessively increased by his new landlord. 

Nathaniel Threlford, who died in 1782, was an innkeeper, as was William Woodcock, who died in 1785. His pub was called Virgin's Inn and his will refers to "the house commonly called Virgins Inn, brewhouse stable, orchard, garden, the higher little house under the clubroom and clubroom, likewise a piece of ground called the Pinnacle." Thomas Dolphin is listed as the innkeeper of the Virgins Inn in 1794, and presumably took over from William Woodcock. 

In 1812, Chapel House, which was next to Coppull Chapel was let as a public House to William Fowler. It is shown in Plot 6 on this map relating to the sale of the Manor.

By 1833, the pub trade was booming in Coppull, and the following were described as innkeepers

James Fanny Mawdesley Oak
John Ellen Booth Chapel House
Thomas Ann Glover Wheatsheaf