Mining Contract 1769





Whereas an indenture was made on the second day of September in the year of our Lord 1762 between Mr Robert Livesay and Mrs Jane Pearson both of Manchester on the one part and William Norris of Chorley, James Walmsley & William Walmsley both of Brindle on the other part, Respecting their coalworks in Coppull, wherein one condition is that a level shall be driven by the said Robert Livesay and Jane Pearson as is therein described which is now finished accordingly, and the money stipulated thereby to be paid by William Norris, James Walmsley & William Walmsley, is this day paid unto the hands of William Ainscow, agent for the said Robert Livesay and Jane Pearson and it is now further agreed in regard to the said level by both the partys mentioned, in the above said indenture, that if at any time hereafter either parties shall by their agents or workmen get coals so near the said level that it is thereby damaged, or be willfully damaged by any other means the party so offfending shall and hereby promise to make satisfaction for such damage as witness our hands this second day of May 1769.

Robt Livesay
Jane Pearson
Wm Norris & Co.