Mary Low 1697




Com Lancr

 To the worshipfull his Ma[jes]ties justices of the peace & quorum for this county at their quarter sessions held at Wigan the 17th day of Jan Ao Domini 1697

 The humble petition of Mary the wife of Thomas Low of Coppull in the county husbandman sheweth

 That she hath had ten children by her said husband who is now of the age of threescore and ten yeares & upwards and so very lame that he hath not for the space of eleven or twelve weeks last past earned any money for their reliefe and also that three of the said children are yet very young the eldest being not above the age of ten years and now is herself diseased and drawn considerably into years and having only the allowance of 6d a week is not able threre[illeg] or any thing that she can get by her labour work being now very scarce and wages small to subsist any longer without further reliefe and maintenance.

 May it therefore please your good worships to take into your consideraccion her said and deplorable condicion and order the overseers of the poor of Coppull aforesaid to allow her such further maintainance weekly or otherwise as you in your discretions shall think necessary. And your peticioner as in duty bound will ever pray for you

 [LRO QSP 807/29]