Lawrence Nightingall 1585





In the name of god Amen The Seavon & Twentith daye of Aprill in the yeare of our Lord god one Thousand Five hundreth eightie and Fyve I Lawrence Nightingall of Coppull within the paryshe of Standyshe seake in Bodie but whole in mynde and of good and pfite Remembrance ----- and prayse be unto all myghtie god my maker, and Redeemer, And herein I doe ordeyne this my present Testament concerninge my Last will in manner & forme followinge that is to saye first I commende my sowle unto all mightie god my maker & Redeemer And my Bodye to be Buryed in my paryshe of Standyshe. Item I doe geve and bequieth towardes the Buildinge of my said paryshe churche of Standyshe ijs Item I doe geve and bequieth to everye god childe that I ame god father iiijd Item I doe geve unto Alis my doughter xxs Item my mynde and wil ys that my goodes be devyded into three equall pts, that ys to saye, one pte to my selffe, the seaconnde to my wyffe And the thyrde pte to my children Item my mynd And will ys that after my debets bequeths(?) and severall expences beinge wholly dischargede, the overplus of my pte I doe geve yt whollye unto margarete my wyffe Lowrance Nightingall my sonne And Ellyne Nightingall my doughter as moste neede shall Require at the dyscretion of Roger Haydock and william Sclater my neighbours In whome I Repose aspeciall Truste And consideracion thereof in distributing the same Itm I doe nominate ordeine make and appoynte my righte trustie & wellbeloved in Christ Roger Haydock, Thomas Nightingall, my neighboures, Margarett my wyffe, And Lowrance Nightingall my sonne my true & Lawful executors to execute this my Laste will & Testament in manner & fforme aforesaide(?) moste earnestly request that(?) William Sclater And Nicholas Rychardson in whome I repose a speciall truste & confidence to be supervisors and to see this my Laste will & Testament fullye to be performed and Accomplyshede in all Respects In Reccorde hearof I the saide Lowrance have putt my seale ------theirbye this to be my Laste will & testament, without any Revocacion or Alteracion for

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