John Standanought



 A true and perfect inventory of all the goods and cattell of John Standanought late of Coppull in the county of Lancaster Webster deceased viewed valued and appryzed by Roger Rigby, William Rigby, Thomas Preston and Henry Curgley the eighteenth day of January Anno Domini 1670


Imprimis in loomes and all the necessary workloomes thereto

belonging                                                                                       1-0-0

Item bedstead in the workhouse and in the chimble                                0-7-0

Item in bedding in the house                                                                   0-16-0

Item in two womens petticoats and other odd things                          0-12-0 Item three chests two in the chimble and one in the house                   0-13-0

Item in pewtere                                                                                             0-6-8

Item in brass                                                                                               0-11-6

Item in wooden vessels combes stands dishes noggans shelves

            & suchlyke in the loft and buttry                                                   0-19-6

Item in the house and dishboard chaires stooles ad trosts               0-8-0

Item one iron grate spitt tonges crowe iron gridle spittle

            Smoothing iron and all things about the fire                          0-8-6

Item one hyve of bees with some odd peces of wood with

            Some fire & fuell & fuell                                                                 0-11-8

Item the decadents apparel                                                                       1-1-0


Summa totalis                                                                                      7-5-4