John Lyon 1723





In the name of God Amen. I John Lyon of Coppull in the county of Lancaster yeoman being at present indisposed but of sound and perfect mind and memory revoking all former wills do mae this my last will and testament in manner following. First I commedn my soul into the hands of Almighty God hopeing for the pardon of my sins and eternal life and salvation through the merits and mediation of Jesus Christ. My body I comitt to the earth to be decently interred at the discretion of my ex[ecut]ors hereafter named and as for my worldly [?] estate I dispose theref as followeth. My messuage and tenement in Chorley which I hold by wertue of a lease made by Mr Richard Brooks and now in possession of one John Sibbering I give and bequeath to my ex[ecut]ors and adm[inistrator]s upon trust by and with the rents and profits thereof to raise so much money as is chargeable upon the same from & after midsomer next, and the rem[ainde]r of the profits thereof till my son George Lyon attaines the age of twenty one years or by course of time would have attained that age I would have go to and be accounted as part of my personal estate, and then my mind and will is that my said ex[ecut]ors and the survivors and [illeg] of them his exors and admrs do grant and convey the said messuage tenement and premises with the appurts unto the said George Lyon my son his exors admrs & ass[ign]s during all the rest and residue of my estate terme and interest therein and whereas I am interested in and intitled to several closes closures and fields of land in Chorley and called the Moor Closes and Gellibrand Long Meadow for the terme of three lives in the lease thereof I mentioned which closes are settled upon Mary my wife for her jointure in case she survive me. Now I do hereby give and bequeath the said last mentioned closes from the decease of my wife to him the said George Lyon my son his exors admsr and assigned dureing my estate terme and interest therein and as far as my personal estate my mind and will is that my executors do manage and improve the same to the best profit and advantage that may be and as they & the survivors or survivor of them shall think fit and thereout in the first place to pay my debts particularly twenty pounds that will be due to my two sisters Deborah Lyon & Sarah Lyon from my said messuage & tenement in Chorley at midsomer next and also my funeral expenses and other incident charges and then upon trust that my said exorc will imploy and improve the residue and remainder of my said personal estate so they best profit and advantage that may be and by and with the same and the profits thereof to educate and maintaine all my children till they severally attaine the age of twenty one years and then I give and bequeath ten pounds apiece to my children John William Peter and Mary to make them equal with their brother George and their sisters Alice and Margaret who had ten pounds apiece given them by their grandmotherís will. All the rest and residue of my said personall estate and improvement thereof I give and bequeath to my said children John William Peter Alice Margaret and Mary equally to be divided amongst them share and share alike and it is my mind and will that if any of my said children happen to die before the said age or marriage that the part and share of him or her or them so dyeing shall goe to and be equally divided amongst the survivors of them and I nominate constitute and make John Ambrose of Mawdesley John Chissenall of Welch Whittle and William Eden of Parbold all in the said county yeomen exors of this my will and I desire and appoint my neighbours John Haydock and William Osman to be supervisors thereof and to inspect and assist my said exors in the execution of their said office in witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seale the sixth day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and twenty three.

John Lyon

Signed sealed published and declared by the testator in our sight and presence and attested and subscribed by us in his sight and presence

Ralph Taylor

Peter Lyon

Jon Walmisley