John Dicconson 1557




This is the first will known to survive for an inhabitant of Coppull.

In dei nomine amen. The last daye of July the yere of our lord a thouwsande five hundred et fifty & seaven I John Diconson of Coppull of the pisshe of Standish by these persons acknowlegyng the howre of death ever to be uncerteyne in gud and perfecte remembrans make sett & ordur thys my testament herein conteynyng my last mynde and wyll in manner and forme as hereafter is declared first and most principallye I offer and betake my sowle unto almyteye god trusting thro the merits of  christs most[illeg] death and passion hys mercye and grace to have the [illeg] of the blessed trinitie with our ladie saynt Marye and all other the holye companye of heaven and my bodye I do committee to christiyn mans burial att my pisshe church affore said on our lady channcell [?] there. And further my mynde is my gudds be dividith in three pts as the las and custom of the [illeg] is. First one pt there of to Custance my wiff. The second to Robart Joan Margerie Ann and Issebell my children . The third to my selfe thus to be disposit. Ffirst I do gaffe to the byldying of my pisshe church as is said xiiis iiijd and the reversion of my pt my burial dischargit I do gaffe it holly to Custance my said wiff further she to disposit upon my chyldren the same as by her discrcion shall be thought most convenient and the by auctorite herof I do make and confirme Custance my said wiff Thurstan Standish & Roger Prescott my sones in law my lawful executors. And my most trustye maister clerk Dyconson supervisor of the same so that thys my last will and testament may be fulfilled to the pleasure of god the [illeg] of my sowle and ther discharge a nother day.

 The detts which I do owe

 Imprimis to maister Gudman in Chester                      xij li

Item to Ric Diconson my brother                                    xl s

Item to Lawrance Nyghtyngale                           xxvj s viij d

Item to Roger Bounde [?]                                         xxvj s viij d

Item to Roger Issherwode                                        vj s viij d

Item to Henrye Breres                                                iij li

Item to Thurstan Standyshe my sone in law                  xxxij s

Item Robart Pyncok                                                           v s

Item Jamys Forster                                                            vij s

 The detts due to me

 Imprimis Rauff Pyncope for leading of stones             xxvj s iiij d

Item Thomas Gard [?] for a marie pr [?]                xviij d

Item Thomas Houghkynson for [illeg]                      iij s vj d

Item Alex Gulton for [illeg]                                       vj s viij d

Item William Nyghtyngale for [illeg]                      ix s ij d

Item one barrow of Ince for leading a stone               x s

 Made & wrytyn in the record of us Lawrance Standysh gent Ric Moodie priest [?] Jamys Harrington Robert Chamberlayne & others.