John Abbott 1731





John Abbott lived in Welch Whittle but his land shows that he owned land in Coppull and also had a keen interest in the Chapel there. He wrote many wills for the inhabitants of Coppull and in 1731 he wrote, in his familiar and very modern looking hand, his own final will. By the end of 1732, he was dead and his will was proved at Chester.

In the name of God Amen the twenty ninth day of November in the year of our Lord Christ 1731. I john Abbott of Welch Whittle in the county of Lancaster for the settling of my temporal concerns do make ad ordain this my last will and testament as follows.

 First I order all just debts, funeral expenses probate of this my last will, and all such incident charges, to be paid and discharged out of my goods and personal estate at the discretion of my executors. Then I give to my sister Dorothy Chamberlaine of Standish [section deleted] six and twenty pounds. I also give her all my right, title, tenantright, claime and interest to that small cottage in Coppull aforesaid with the gound and all appurtenances belonging to it. Item I give her twenty pounds worth of goods such as my wife can conveniently spare, and will be serviceable to my said sister, to be chosen out by my executor upon a valuacion according to the inventory.

Item I give to Elizabeth my loveing wife all my bargain contract and claime which I have to that house messuage and tenement in Coppull aforesaid commonly called Heskinís Tenement, she paying such annual rent as I am bound to pay during the term to me granted, vizt till young Mr Crooke attain to the age of twenty one years. I likewise give to my said wife that close of parcel of land in Coppull aforesaid with its appurtenances during her life commonly called Nighillís Lee, and after the death of my said wife I give the said close of land to Dorothy my said sister her heirs or assigns if she be then living or otherwise to the poor of Coppull for ever. Likewise if my wife shall happen to dye before the said Mr Crook attain to twenty one years of age, then I give the reversion of such my bargain to Dorothy my said sister.

Item I give to Thomas Simpson of Heath Charnock in the said county six pounds.

Item I give to Elizabeth Holcroft my maid servant ten shillings. To John Berry my man servant five shillings and some old cloaths if he pleases to accept them att the discretion of my executor and wife, provided they both live with me att the time of my death.

Item I give to my kinsman John Green of Holland in the said county three pounds, and to his brother James twenty shillings which I order to be paid into Johnís hands for his brotherís use, and twenty shillings I give to Dorothy Green their sister.

Item I give to Robert Clievley Ralph Taylor and John Bibby all of Coppull aforesaid fifty pounds, in trust that they will put the same out to interest, and pay the yearly sum of forty shillings a year to Dorothy my sister during her life, and five shillings a year to the clark for the time being att Coppull Chapell, and five shillings being the remaining part of fifty shillings the interest I allow the said trustees towards their expenses yearly. And when my sister dyes, if my wife be then living, then I order the said forty shillings a year to be paid to my wife during her life. And after the death and decease of both my wife and sister then I give or order to be given twenty shillings a year to the clark officiating att Coppull Chappell, and four and twenty shillings a year I order to be given and distributed to poor houskeepers in Coppull that have no relief out of the town, and six shillings I order the trustees yearly for their trouble. And when one trustee dyes, then I will and order the other two to choose another, and so to continue for ever. And if it happen that the close of land abovementioned fall to the poor of Coppull, I order it to be managed by my said three trustees.

Item all the rest residue and remaining part of my goods, cattells, chattels, money, bonds, bills and whatever I have I give and bequeath to Elizabeth my said loveing wife.

And lastly I nominate and appoint Elizabeth my said wife & the before named Thomas Simpson to be executors of this my last will and testament, hopeing they will see the same well and truly performed as my trust is in him, In witness whereof I have herunto sett my hand and seal the day and year first abovewritten.


John Abbott


Sealíd signed and published in presence of

Richard Haydocke

Thomas Whalley

Thomas Roscoe


Vicecimo primo die mensis novembris 1732 Elizabetha Abbott et Thomas Simpson executors supra nominate personaliter comparuerunt et jurati fuerunt debenete coram me. Jacobo Ryley Surragato.