Jane Bentham 1695




The peticion of Jane Bentham of Coppull

 Sheweth that your peticioner had a bastard child upon John Orrell of Pemberton which said child is about a quarter of a yeare old & the said [illeg] was ordered to pay fower nobles a year & doth neglect the payments thereof & your peticioners other children are almost starved for want of releefe.

 Youre peticioner humbly prays an order of this court to require the said Orrell to pay the said 4 nobles or warrants to send [?] him over to answer his contempt at the next sessions hereto here held & your peticioner will ever pray &c

 Margaret Roby harbour her daughter Jane hereafter [“any more” deleted] to be sent to the

 [LRO QSP 770/6 1695]