James Woodward 1693




Com Lancr

 Att a private sessions of the peace holden att the house of Wm Watson in Standish upon the 23rd day of May by us whose names are subscribed their ma[jes]ties justices of the peace & quorum of this county Ao Dom 1693

 Whereas complaint hath beene made unto us by the overseers of the poor of Standish in the county aforesaid that James Woodward his wife & children was last legally settled as househoulders in the township of Coppull in the said county and are now come into Langtree endeavouring to settle themselves as inhabitants thereof and are likely to become chargeable & burthensome to Langtree aforesaid contrary to the lawes and statutes of this  [illeg] in the [illeg] made & provided these are therefore in their maj[esti]es names strictly to charge & command [illeg] some or one of you doe for ththwith remove & convey the said James Woodward his wife and family from the said towns[hi]pp of Langtree to the towns[hi]pp of Coppull aforesaid the same being as wee are credibly informed the place of their last legall settlement & to deliver and leave or offer to leave them with some one of the churchwardens or overseers of the poore thereof (together with this [illeg]) who are hereby required to receive and provide for them as settled inhabitants thereof until they shall be otherwise discharged according to lawe hereof faile not at your perils. Given under our hands & seales the day & yeare abovesd

 Ric Standish

Robt Mawdesley

 To the churchwardens & overseers of the poore of Standish and Langtree & Coppull to every of them

 Sett aside & settled in Langtree [illeg]

 [LRO QSP 734/18]