Holt Partnership 1658




 Artycles of agreement maid this the 19th of July 1658 betwyne Edward Holt the father and his three sonnes Robte Holt, Edward Holt and James Holt as followeth:

 Imprimis yt is agreed amongst them that Edward Holt the father and Edward Holt the sone, shall have of Robte Holt and James Holt joint ptners, for theire salarie, for buyinge theire waires upon theire own chardge in Lancaster after ten shillings the packe and to observe theire orders in buyinge as near as can bee and soe to contynewe this agreement so lonnge as the one side be willinge to give over and yf eithersyde bee willinge to give over they shall give the othersyde a month warninge and soe cease and leave of.

 Itm yt is further concluded by the said James Holt whereas hee hath the some of foure hundereth pounds in his hands of his brother Edward Holt to joine with his brother Robte Holt in joint stocke, the said James Holt shall allow to his brother Edward Holt after [illeg] percentum for interest monies soe lonnge as yt pleaseth hime to contynewe the monies

 Edw Holt senior James Holt Robt Holt