Henry Park 1666




To the right wor[shipfu]ll his Ma[jes]ties justices of peace &c [illeg] at Ormskirk sessions 16 July 1666

The humble petition of Henry Park of Coppull

Sheweth that the peticioner is a very poore ould man and disabled for work of the age of threescore and seaven yeares hath lived within Coppull for eight yeares and upwards and hath had a setlem[ent] in noe other towne and is now destitute of a place of habitacion and releefe in regard he is noe longer able to manteyne himselfe by his [illeg] labor is like to famish unless releeved by the wor[shipfu]ll bench.

The premises considered the peticioner humbly begs yor worships would give order to the ov[ersee]rs of the poore to provide him a place of habitaction and some releefe as the [illeg] his necessities requires & the peticioner will ever pray &c

Referred to ov[ersee]rs

[LRO QSP 291/16]