Ellen Pilkington 1670





Memorandum that upon or about the third day of September 1670 Ellen Pilkington of coppull in the county of Lancaster widow deceased did [illeg] make and declare her last will and testament nuncupative in these or the like words following. First it was her will and mind that her debts and funeral expenses should be paid out of her whole estate.  Item she gave and bequeathed unto all the children she was godmother two every one twelve pence apiece.  Item she gave to Richard Hobson two shillings. Item unto Alice Lowe wife of John Lowe of Coppull her riding suit of apparel. Item to Ann Latham wife of Thomas Latham all the rest of her bodily apparel both linen and woollen.  And all the rest and the residue of her goods cattellss and chattels unto her only son Robert Pilkington.  And of this her last will and testament nuncupative she made and ordained Robert Pilkington her son and Thomas Worthington her executors.  And in these or the like words she did as aforesaid declare to be her last will and testament in the presence of several credible witnesses.  And not long afterwards departed this life.

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