Edward Standenought 1619





In the name of God amen the twenty fifth day of April in the year of our lord God 1619. I Edward Standenought of Coppull in the county of Lancaster husbandman sick in body but sound and perfect in memory praise be to almighty God and doubting the suddenness of death which to all men is most certain and the time thereof uncertain I mean not to die untestate were for I do make and ordaine this my last will and testament in manner and form following. First and principally I give and commend my soul into the hands of almighty God my maker and redeemer trusting by the merits of his only blessed death and passion to have free forgiveness and remission of all my sins committed and to be partaker of his heavenly kingdom amongst his angels and elected.  And my body to be buried in the parish church yard of Standish there and that the said church have all it rights and duties for my funeral.  Item my mind and will is that all my goods movable and unmovable my debts discharged and paid and will being [illeg] be divided into two equal parts that is to say the one part to be divided equally betwixt my two children William Standenought and Elisabeth Standenought the other part to myself as of right apperteyneth. Item I give and bequeath to three of the youngest children of William Garstang of Whittle in le Woods every one vj s viij d apiece.  I give and bequeath to Roger Standenought my base begotten son my whole interest in the ark standing in the house. Item I give and bequeathe to the said Roger Standenought my base begotten son after my legacies and funeral expenses discharged and paid for three parts of my said part and portion of goods.  Item I give and bequeath to Elisabeth Standenought the over plus of my said part of goods.  Item I make and ordaine Roger Standenought my said bass begotten son and Elisabeth Standenought my true and lawful executors to execute my last will and testament as my special trust is in them.

 debts oweinge to me the saide Edward Standenought

 Imprimis Richard Whittle of Whittle in le Woods iij li

 due to me one St Lawrance daye next 1619

Item Lawrance Brears of Adlington vj s viij d

Itm John Sclater of Coppull xij d

Itm Raphe Johnson of Whittle in le Woods xxx s

 due at the winter faire of Preston next 1619

Itm Richard Houghe of Coppull iij s ij d

Itm Thomas Nightgale blacksmith viij d


debts which I the said Edwarde Standenought doe owe

 Imprimis to William Nyghtgalle xliiij s

Itm to Elizabeth Standenought my daughter xv li


Signa manuale

Edwardi X Standenought

 Sealed signed and delivered as my last will & testament in the presence of

Johane Ugnall weddowe

Jennett Johnson

Margarett Lawranceson

John Dicconson