Edward Holt 1597




In the name of God Amen. The 30th daie of October in the yeare of our Lords God one thousand five hundredth nyntye and seaven I Edward Houlte of Coppull in the Countie of Lancaster Lynnendraper sicke in bodie but of sounde and perfecte memorie praysed by Almightie God and doubtinge the Sodennes of death which to all men most certaine and the time thereof uncertaine I mean not to die intestate, wherefore I doe make and Ordene this my last will and testamente in maner and form followinge. First and principallie I give and commend my soul unto the hands of Allmightie God my maker and Redemer trustinge by the merits of his onlie blessed death and passion to have free forgiveness and remission of all my sins committed, and to be partaker of his heavenlie kingdome, amongst his angels and elected and my bodie to be buryed, where it shall please God to appointe it. Item my mynde and wyll is that all my goods moveable, & unmoveable be devided into three equall partes. The first parte to myself as right apperteyneth. The second parte to my wife as her widowes portion, and the thirde and final parte to my children to be devided equallie amongst them without any exception. Item I give my said parte and portion of goodes to Elizabeth Seddon five poundes, which is in the handes of Robert Rydinge of Liverpool. Item I forgeeve the said Robert Rydinge five poundes which is in his owne handes besides. Item I geeve unto Anne Jollie five poundes. Item I geeve unto Elizabeth my sister fourtie five shillings eight pense which shee oweth unto me. Item I give unto my brother William one cowe which is in his owne keepinge. Item I geeve and bequeath all the otes and flax money which Reginolde Allansonne and my sister Anne oweth unto me unto Elizabeth my sister & William my brother equallie to be devided. Item I forgeeve the said Reginolde Allansonne five poundes syxteene pence which he oweth unto me. Item I geeve and bequeath to Lawrance Nightgall one owlde Angell. Item I geeve unto my mother one Spurr Ryall. Item I forgeeve my younge Master, Mr Alexander Standish foure poundes. Item I forgeeve Robert Taylor fiftie three shillings foure pense which he oweth unto me. Item I geeve and bequeath unto my brother in lawe Thomas Prescott my white horse called dughtie Item I give and bequeath unto my brother in lawe John Dicconsonne my younge baye mayre. Item my mynde and will is that all the rest of my parte of goodes ????? over and besides my debtes legacies and funeral expenses being discharged and payed I geeve the same moveable and unmoveable equallie to be devided among my saide wife and children. Item I doe constitute ordeine and make Dorothie my wife, John Dicconsone the younger my brotherinlawe and Thmoas Prescott my true & lawfull executors to execute this my laste will & testamente in manor & forme afforesaide as my especiall truste is in them above all others. Record hereof Hugh Ridghee James Savage Lawrance Nightgall with others 1597.

 Note: Edward Holt listed trade debts and debts by specialty (bond) owed to him amounting to 755 14s 9d. His goods and chattels were valued at 113 9s.