Edward Chisnall 1631




 In the name of God Amen the fourteenth day of March in the year of our Lord God one thousand six hundred thirtie and one and in the seaventh yeare of the reigne of our soveraigne Lord Charles by the grace of god kinge of England Scotland and Ireland defender of the faith &c I Edward Chisnall of Chisnall in the county of Lancaster esquier being sicke of bodie but of sounde and perfect mrmorie [illeg] and praise bee given to Almighty god for the same for as much as I am troubled with infirmities of bodie accordinge to Gods good will and pleasure, And consideringe that such infirmities are the messengers of death which death as it is both sure and certayne to sll msnkynde [illeg] is the tyme thereof mosy uncertayne, I thought it therefore my bounden dutie not onelie to commend my sowle to the mercie and righteousness of almightie God in Jesus Christ. But alsoe to [illeg] my worldlie goods and chattels, which it hath pleased god to blesse me with all [illeg] after my decease noe [illeg ]  Concerninge my said goods and chattels, or any of them; wherefore I doe ordayne and make this my last will and testament in maneer and forme followeinge, utterlie revocatinge and renouncinge all former wills and testaments by mee heretofore made or published. And do first saie (with the prophets into the hands of of the Lord I comende my spirit, for that he hath redeemed mee (hee beinge the Lord God of [illeg] and my will and mynde is that my bodie shall bee buried in the parish church of Standish next to the quire there under my ancient stoane, that hath the ffrench inscription written upon it which lyeth on the south side of the middle alley there, next above the burial place of Peter Caterall of the Crooke gentleman among my auncestors thereto to remayne until it shall please God to rayse it upp againe with a bodie of immortallitie; and for and concerninge my worldlie goods and personall estate; My will and mynde is, that the same shall be given and distributed in such sorte and manner as followeth visit Imprimis (my debts and funeral expenses beinge first payed and performed I give and bequeath unto Margarett Chisnall nowe wife of me the said Edward Chisnall such parte and porcions of my goods and cattells as is due or doe belonge to her by the lawe. Item I give and bequeath unto my servant Justinian Chisnall tenn pounds. And to my true and auncient servant Ellizabeth Wallworth of her tenn pounds and the feather bed whereon she nowe lieth with all te bedcloathes and other furneyture thereunto apperteyninge or belongine. Item I give and bequeath to Jane Robinson five pounds And to {ille} one of  the rest of my servants one yeres wages apiece. Item I give and bequeath to Thomas Bensons two children (namelie Richard and Margarett whyche I nowe keepe foure pounds apiece to be payed to them and other of them, as they shall severallie attayne the age of sixteene yeres apiece. And in the meanetyme to bee put forth and ymployed by my executors (herein after named) for their alymentacion and maintenance. Item I give and  bequeath to Margaret granddaughter of Edward Crane late of  Eccleston neare Croston in the Countie aforesaid gentleman deceased, tenn pounds. And to Thomasyn and Jane sisters of the said Margaret, five pounds a peece. The rest and residue of all my goods and chattels whatsoever I give and bequeath to Edward Chisnall my sonne and heire apparent of mee the said Edward; And my will and mynde is, and I doe hereby devyse and appoynte, that hee the said Edward Chisnall his executors and administrators shall in consideracion thereof maynteyne and keepe, Chisnall Brettargh sonne of Richard Brettargh gentleman deceased with competente meate drynke or otherwise to yeeled and allowe unto apparel and lodgeinge until the death and decease of Chr[isto]fer Stanynoght of Hindley in the countie aforesaid gentleman or otherwise to yeelde and allowe unto the said Chisnall Brettargh the yerelie some of sixe pounds sterline towards his maynteynance for the tyme aforesaid. And fynallie I doe momynate make and ordeyne my said sonne Edward Chisnall the sole executor of this my last will and testament in hope hee will execute and performe the same, as my trust is in him reposed. And alsoe I make and ordeyne the worshippll and my verie good friend Edward Wrightington of Wrightington esquire supervisor of this my said will and testament, humblie entreatinge him to see and cause the same, to bee duelie performed inin everie parte. In witness whereof, to this my [illeg] will and testament, I have subscribed my name and put my seale, the daie and yere first above written.

 Edward Chisnall

 Witnesses present at the signinge sealinge publisheinge and declaringe of this putt will and testament

Robert Hallywell

John Robinson

Chisnall Brettargh

William [illeg]

Ric Mawdesley senr