Edward Chisnall





The Chisnall family were important landowners in Coppull from the thirteenth century until the mid 1700s when the last male Chisnall died and the property was inherited by marriage by the Hammerton family of Helefield Peel in Yorkshire. The Chisnall arms are displayed in Standish Parish church.

Edward Chisnall of Chisnall Hall, one of a number of Chisnalls of the same name, was appointed a colonel of horse in  the army of King Charles during the civil war, in 1651. His service at the siege of Lathom House in 1644 is well known.

His death at the early age of 35, in 1653, was commemorated in a very elaborate funerary monument erected by his son, another Edward Chisnall (later Sir Edward Chisnall) in Standish Church.