David Heskin 1675




[Latin header, quarter sessions at Ormskirk]

 upon the oath of the midwife and others that Elizabeth Smaley of Coppull fathered [illeg] her bastard child in her extremity of child birth upon David Heskin of Coppull husbandman this court doth adiudg the said David Heskin to bee the reputable father of the said child and doth order that the said Elizabeth Smaley shall mainteyne & keepe the said child with meat drink lodging & apparel soe as it shall not beg nor bee charegeable to the towne where it borne or shall remove until it shall attaine the age of fourteene yeares. And it is further ordered that the said David Heskin shal from the birth of the said child pay unto the said Elizabeth Smaley the yearly some of fiftie shillings quarterly be even porcions towards the mainteynance of the said child

 Kenyon [illeg]

 David Hesketh to pay xls a yeare & the arrears since birth.

 [LRO QSP 440/2 1675]