Court Book 1770




Below is an extract of the presentments to the Manorial Court. The original document includes the names of the Court Jury and the officers appointed for the year

 We present Mr Crook for an incrotchmt from Fishers Gate to George Fowlers [illeg] about 26 perches in six shillings and eight pence

 We Pre[se]nt Mr Crook for James Smalley for incrotcht for one yard broad and six yards long one penny

 We pre[sen]t John Ellison for incrotcht from Gate Stub in his fold to cow moss about five perches one whilling

 We pre[sen]t Thos Taylor for incrotcht six pence

 We pre[sen]t Mr Low for incrotcht where Thomas Mason has build a new house seven perches at 1s 1d

 We pre[sen]t John Ellison for incrotcht towards four perches or thereabouts 10d

 We pre[sen]t William Calderbank for incrotcht at Spendmoor about six perches 1s

 We pre[sen]t Thomas German for incrotcht att the south side of his garden three perches at 9d

 We pre[sen]t Henry Carter for an incrotcht at Chappel House about two perches 4d

 We pre[sen]t Mr Thos Chadwick for an incrotcht abou fifteen perches at west side of his great close adjoining the road leading to Standish 5s

 We pre[sen]t r Boardman for an incrtocht on the opposite side land to the house called Prescot nine perches 1s 6d

 And we present the persons named in the inquisition herunto annexed in the several sumes set opposite their respective names for not appearing.