Chisnall v Holt 1701




To all people to whom these presents shall come, I Sir Edward  Chisnall of Chisnall in the county of Lancaster knight send greeting.  Whereas in and by a Decree made in the noble court of chancery for the county Palatine of Lancaster bearing date the 27th day of January last in an issue between Sir Edward Chisnall complainant and Edward Holt gent and other defendants it is amongst other things ordered and adjudged and decreed that the said defendant Edward Holt shall upon sight of the said Decree and demand in that behalf to be made shall pay the plaintiff or such person or persons as he shall authorise and appoint in that behalf the sum of eleven pounds for the arrears of the yearly rent in question for ten years ending last Martinmas and it is further thereby ordered that the sum of twenty seaven pounds sixteen shillings should be allowed the  plaintiff against the said defendant Holt for and towards the plaintiffs charges expenses expended in the said suit now know ye that I the said Sir Edward Chisnall have ordained constituted authorized appointed and made and by these presents do ordain constitute authorise appoint and make William Watson of Standish in the said county of Lancaster my true and lawful Attorney for me and in my name and for my use to ask demand and receive of and from the said Edward Holt the said sum of eleven pounds for the arrears of the said rent and also the said twenty seaven pounds sixteen shillings for costs of suit and to give a receipt or acquittance for the same satisfying and allowing what my said Attorney shall act or doe in the premises. In witness whereof I the said Edward Chisnall have hereunto set my hand and seal the second day of march Ano Regni Gulielmi tertii Angl &c decimo quarto

Anoq domi 1701

Edw Chisnall

Sealed signed and delivered in the presence of

Henry x Winstanley

his mark

Thos Halton

Willi Almond.