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Manuscript Primary Sources

 Chetham’s Library, Manchester

 Harrop’s Manchester Mercury 1752-1800

M A6 45 Minute Book of An Association for Preserving Constitutional Order and Liberty as Well as Property against the Various Efforts of Levellers and Republicans

 Greater Manchester Record Office

 B2/3/1/1 Share Book of Rochdale Canal Company 1791

B/ENT/8 Account Book of Entwistle & Sturtevantz

E7/25/2/5 letter from “Mr Bailey” 11th September 1772

 Manchester Record Office, Manchester Central Reference Library

 M84/1 various - correspondence of John Leigh Philips

 Manchester Central Reference Library

 Whitworths Manchester Advertiser

MFRB 7   Manchester Rate Book, 1797

MFRB 8   Manchester Rate Book, 1798

MFRB 11   Manchester Rate Book, 1801

MFPR 37 Manchester Cathedral Marriage Register 1754-1757

MFPR 40 Manchester Cathedral Marriage Register 1790-1800

MFPR 99 Marriage Register, Rochdale Parish Church, 1750-1800

MFPR 102 Marriage Register, Bolton Parish Church, 1750-1800

MFPR 377 Marriage Register, Stockport Parish Church, 1754-7

MFPR 377A Marriage Register, Stockport Parish Church, 1800

MFPR 1033  Marriage Register St Mary’s Church, Bury, 1754-1755

MFPR 1039 Marriage Register, St Michael’s Church, Ashton 1750-1800

MF731 Oldknow Correspondence & Miscellanea

MF1020  Oldknow Correspondence & Miscellanea

MF209  Settlement Examinations for Parish of Blackburn, to 1800

MF210  Miscellaneous Poor Law Documents, Blackburn, to 1800


Published Primary Sources

 Aikin, J., A Description of the County from Thirty to Forty Miles Round Manchester, 1795, [Reprinted Newton Abbot, 1968].

Anon, Manchester Vindicated: Being a Compleat Collection of the papers Lately published in Defence of that Town, in the Chester Courant, Chester, 1749.

Anon, An Impartial Representation of the Case of the Poor Cotton Spinners in Lancashire &c..., London, 1780.

Anon, Considerations of the Present Effects and Future Consequences of an Act Passed in the last Session of Parliament, laying a Duty on Cotton Goods, Manchester, 1784.

Associated Ley-Payers, A Report of the Committee of the Associated Ley-Payers in the Township of Manchester..., Manchester, 1794.

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Battye,  Reflections on the Subjects of Deputy Constable..., Manchester, 1796.

Battye, The Red Basil Book..., Manchester, 1756.

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Corry, J., The Works of Tim Bobbin Esquire, Manchester, 1862.

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House of Commons, Minutes of Evidence to the Committee on Cotton Weavers &c Petitions, 1803.

House of Commons, Report from the Committee on Dr Cartwright's Petition, 1808.

Mercator, A Letter to the Inhabitants &c, Manchester, 1800.

Mercator, A Second Letter to the Inhabitants of Manchester on the Exportation of Cotton Twist, Manchester, 1800.

Ogden, A Description of Manchester..., Manchester, 1783 [Reprinted 1983 by Neil Richardson]

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Stot, J., A Sequel to the Friendly Advice to the Poor of the Town of Manchester, Manchester, 1756.

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Walker, T., A Review of Some of the Political Events Which Have Ocurred in Manchester During the Last Five Years..., London, 17994.


Secondary Sources


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