Alice Chisnall 1607





In the name of gaod Amen the ffoureteenth day of November in the yeare of our lord god according to the computation of the Church of England one thousand sixe hundreth and three: I Ales Chisnall of Chisnall in the countie of Lancaster widow Late wife of Thomas Chisnall late of Chisnall Esq: deceased being in reasonable health of bodie and of good and pfecte memory doe make my last will and Teastament as follweth ffirst and principally I commend my soule into the hands of allmighty god my onely maker redeemer and sanctifier And as touching suche goods as god hath lent mee I doe dispose of them as followeth ffirst my minde and will is that my debts bee payd of all my whole goods Itm I give and bequeath unto willm Naylor of Wrightington three pounds or the valew of three pounds Itm I give and bequeath unto Thomas Chisnall a cowe Itm all the rest of my goods moveable and unmoveable over and beside my debts paide and legacies discharged and my funeral expences in and about my buriall paied and quite I doe give the same fullie whollie and freelie unto Ellen Chisnall and Isabell Chisnall my daughters equallie to bee pted and devided between them And I constitute and make my executors the said Ellen Chisnall & Isabell Chisnall my lawful executors to execute and pforme this my last will and testament as my trust is in them In witnesse whereof I have put my hand the daie and yeare ffirst above written I allso give and bequeath unto Ellen Ameridinge my servant yf shee be dwelling wth mee att my decease a cow stirke.

 In psence of                       Sign ipms

                                 Alicie Chisnall

John Banke

Richard Lassell

and Robart Welde(?)


             Debts owinge unto mee Ales Chisnall

              Imprimis my sonne Edward Chisnall oweth    )

             mee the third pte of the Rents whereof     )

             my late husband died possessed of since the)

             decease of my sonn John Chisnall which     )

             is as I thinke three pound a yeare an      )               xxiij_li_

             since the decease of my sonne John eight   )

             yeares and cometh unto att the least       )




                                 Sign Ipms

                                Alicie Chisnall